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It has been a few weeks since the launch of the device! However, it has been more than a few weeks, probably more than a month since the tech world has put this topic onto the discussion table! Obviously, we are talking about Moto G, which has grabbed the limelight from both Android geeks and normal users. When Google did acquire Motorola a long while back, Android community had not even dreamt that the combination would bring such a superb, budget-friendly device, which can compete with ‘millions’ of Galaxy Smartphones and others! Nevertheless, as far as normal users are concerned, we will have to confront a question! Is Moto G worth this much appreciation? Even after seeing many positive reviews and the rush towards the Flipkart page of Moto G, some of you may be having this question. We hope, however, that at the end of review, you will be able to find an adequate answer to this question! Here, we will check out different aspects of Moto G, in both geeky and normal perspective. Firstly, we will check out how the ‘build’ of device feels.


Build of Moto G – STURDY indeed

Motorola Moto G Review
Motorola Moto G Review











Well, in this case however, no one can object Motorola Moto G, as the build and design of the device is the best, you can get, for a price tag of 12,499 INR. According to user experience, holding the devices gives awesome feel, though the display is of 4.5-inch. It has a thickness of 11.6 millimeters and the weight is around 143 grams, which sounds like an awesome specification as far as comfortability of the device is concerned. Despite the use of plastic to build back part of device, durability is a sort of assurance when it comes to the case of Moto G! It has power button and volume control buttons on the right side, and the left counterpart is blank; micro-USB slot and 3.5mm jack are seen at top & bottom parts of Moto G. Altogether, according to our perspective, design of Moto G seems quite impressive, indeed. In addition to this, a nano coating accompanies the cover of Moto G, which gifts the design a standard repellence to water. Although you cannot put that device deliberately into water to test the nano coating, this coating will be very useful if you accidentally drop your Moto G into water.

Moto G Performance – It does VERY WELL

Motorola Moto G Performance
Motorola Moto G Performance







The next feature most of us will check in a Smartphone is its performance, especially while multitasking! In that case, however, when we consider the budget-friendly behavior into the account, Moto G can offer you a performance that will force you say “AWESOME”, especially while giving emphasis to gaming performance. In the technical section, the device has a 1.2 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 1 GB RAM with it, and it is the best you would get for a budget of 12,499 [the standard version of 8GB Internal Storage]. In some of benchmark tests, Moto G came to display a score, which was more than Nexus 4. Obviously, despite the 1GB RAM may sound insufficient, you would find no kinds of lags while using Moto G for multitasking purposes. As you might have already heard, the device does not offer a feature to expand memory using micro SD card, despite you are able to use USB OTG feature. Keeping the fact in mind, the 16GB version of Moto G offers a user-available memory of 12.92GB! When considering all these as a whole, we would say that the performance of Moto G is something exceptional, especially while we compare it to other devices. It does have 2070 mAh battery, which could back all these capabilities.

Moto G Software – Stock Android – We Loved It

Moto G Android Kit Kat
Moto G with android Kit Kat







One of the major reasons why we love Nexus device is that, unlike other device manufacturers, it contains no kind of bloatware in it. This addition of manufacturers’ apps is the same reason to hate most of Samsung Smartphones. But, when it comes to the case of Moto G, we find no loophole to blame the software of device. Except two applications, such as Motorola Migrate – which helps you migrate information from old device to new Moto G – and Moto Assist – that works as a virtual assistant to manage profiles of device, the device is completely free of unwanted apps. Also, there are no major modifications in the User Interface of Moto G. Thus, the stock Android experience of Moto G will be something awesome, especially if you are a Nexus Lover. Altogether, the user experience of Moto G is exceptional in all senses. Talking about Android, it currently runs on Android Jelly Bean v4.3, but it does offer an assured upgrade to Android v4.4 KitKat, which offers several awesome features. In addition, the buttons of Moto G are not capacitive, but they are part of the 4.5-inched device itself. According to reviews, Motorola Moto G seems to be running superb, while considering 720p display and Jelly Bean.

Moto G Camera & Other Connectivity Options – Noteworthy

Moto G Camera Quality
Moto G Camera Quality








Moto G Camera is the only part, where Moto G wants you to compromise a bit! However, the 5MP Camera does very well as far as the price range of this budget-friendly Smartphone is in your mind. So, to the technical savvies, let us add that Moto G has a 5 megapixel autofocus camera, which is accompanied by a LED Flashlight for the sake of working under low-light conditions. Nevertheless, Motorola has implemented some small-but-sense-making additions to camera of device. Using the arch-shaped control section, you will be able to apply several features such as HDR mode, manual mode, panorama etc. Despite the colour reproduction of photographs seems to be bad, it is the best you can get for the mentioned budget. In addition, apart from the rear camera, Moto G sports a 1.3MP, fixed focus, front camera. In addition, the rear camera support video recording at 720p.

Talking about connectivity features of Moto G, those also sound satisfactory! For instance, it does offer features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS +GLONASS, etc. Also, it has several sensors with the device including proximity, ambient and hall effect sensor etc. Also, the device comes with the support for FM Radio, though you will have to depend on that headset to listen to radio. Even though there are some limitations such as the aforesaid one, connectivity section of the device is strong enough to compete others.

Moto G Accessories – Satisfactory

Moto G Accessories
Moto G Accessories









Indian version of Moto G comes with a headset as well as a charger! However, despite the fact that there is a micro-USB port, we are not able to find a micro-USB connector in the box, whereas the international version of the device contains only a micro-USB cable with it. Talking about the headset is a bit disappointing, as the sound quality is not at all impressive, but standard features. Also, the charger is not a USB based one either. Altogether, accessories part of Moto G is satisfactory, indeed.

Final Verdict on Moto G

Moto G is Best Buy Phone
Moto G is Best Buy Phone











Except the case of camera and headset, the device seems to be quite impressive, as we can count the device as one superb one with a price tag between 10,000 and 15,000. Particularly, we loved features such as stock Android, quick software upgrades – this is, now, in a dilemma due to Lenovo has acquired Motorola from Google Inc, but we hope, Motorola will provide timely software upgrades to users, as it had promised in the launch. Thus, when we leave that case of camera apart, Moto G is the best you can get from the market, and the other limitation we can find with the device is the inability to expand storage. This, however, can be fixed if you can buy the 16GB variant and can use USB OTG feature. So, our verdict is, GO FOR IT!

Moto G Price In India

This device is available only in Flipkart with a price tag of 12499 for the 8GB Version, and 13999 for 16GB Variant

Moto G Price In US & Canada

This device is available at Amazon with a price tag of $179.99 for the 8GB Version, and $199.99 for 16GB Variant