Finally! Here is the official trailer for ‘Deadpool’ [video]

As Deadpool had promised in the trailer of his trailer, at midnight yesterday (04) left the official video that shows what we can expect from this highly anticipated film. The character, one of the great successes during Comic-Con 2015 , will star in a movie with opening scheduled for February 2016. The video above, posted

Windows 10: How to Enable the “God mode” in the new operating system

The legendary “God Mode” (or “GodMode” in the original English) is nothing new. He was already present in older versions of Windows and always helped the lives of system administrators and power users who had the need to make more complex settings on the computer. It is worth a little explanation for those who never

How to Connect Front Panel Connectors to the Motherboard

How to Connect Front Panel Connectors to the Motherboard : Purchasing components for your upcoming powerhouse PC or media box is always an exciting affair. Assembling all the components in the CPU like the SMPS, the Motherboard, the RAM the Graphics, all fall into place. But the real challenge comes when we need the front side

How To Connect Chromecast To Wifi

How to connect Chromecast to Wifi : Got a new Chromecast and feel unsure as to how exactly do you go about setting up this new toy? Steaming of youtube and movie rentals is something you’ve heard of, but how exactly do you connect it to the Internet in the first place? Techhooked provides step-by-step instructions

How To Add Or Configure Gmail To Outlook

How To Add Or Configure Gmail To Outlook: Having an email client is very convenient for the quick access to mails that they offer. Fast access, better segregation and better integrated services make installing an email client a no brainer. However, the most part where people get discouraged to use their mailbox applications or Outlook for

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